Excellence Policy

Excellence Policy


As a global leader in the provision of high quality construction solutions, Turnall strives to ensure business excellence & sustainability through economically viable operations that; optimize energy usage, safeguard the environment, ensure well-being of communities, enhance employee health, safety and welfare as well as meeting corporate social responsibility and governance expectations.

We aim for best practice and commit to our values and interested parties’ expectations through the following:

Clear definition of strategic and operational objectives, targets and responsibilities at all levels to ensure business continuity.

Mobilisation of adequate financial resources to acquire and develop the best technologies and requisite supporting infrastructure

Development of dynamic products and lucrative markets in response to changing customer needs and expectations.

Ongoing identification of processes, services, materials and products that may cause environmental pollution, occupational injury, ill health and implementing measures to avoid, reduce, or control them to the extent which is technically and economically viable.

Continually enhancing and improving our processes, products and services to ensure the business performance is consistent with applicable legal and other interested parties’ requirements.

Innovating and creating value for our customers by harnessing the creativity of our interested parties.

Implementing effective programs for people development, empowerment and recognition to create a stable, dedicated and innovative workforce.

Implementation of HIV and AIDS-related programmes and activities for our employees and ensuring that those with chronic health conditions or disabilities are supported and protected.

Open Communication, participation and consultation with interested parties to ensure cooperation on issues of concern and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

This policy is regularly reviewed to ensure suitability with operations, communicated to employees and made available to interested parties.