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Venetian roofing tiles are a standard profiled roof tile with a small round roll. Its a classic design suitable to both traditional and contemporary roof styles.

Buy Concrete Roofing Tiles from the Turnall shop online. NAQA Award winning product of the year for 2019. High Quality. Durable.

Ravenna range of concrete roofing tiles provides a picture-perfect finish to any house — turning it into a home you can be proud of. Turnall’s new range of Ravenna tiles are as strong as they are stunning. As strong as they are stunning, this all starts with how they are made.

Carefully washed sand, the best Portland cement, colour pigments and water are mixed to exact proportions and extruded under pressure. As a result, a product of the highest quality and a thru-tone finish that wont fade.

As a result, our  concrete roofing tiles  are in fact the modern world’s cost effective solution for quality roofing, providing years of maintenance-free use and maximum protection against the extremes of the African weather elements. The Ravenna roofing tiles are build to last and the Double Roman and Venetian variety of tiles, the mainstay of the company’s tile range, are no exception. Inspired by the classical medieval Italian architecture, the Ravenna range adds an instant touch of class to your home.

What’s more, a choice of natural grey, red or black Double Roman and Venetian give architects and interior designers great scope for creating beautifully coordinated designs for any housing or industrial development.

With its deep roll roof tile profile, Ravenna roofing tiles offer a fresh new look, while creating roofs of outstanding character that perform exceedingly well with a pitch greater than 17.5 degrees.

Concealed, precision-formed interlocks ensure a snug fit, a very clean roof line and state-of-the-art protection against wind-driven rain and water capillary action.

Weight  – approx. 4,5kg
Size  –     420x332mm

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Red, Black, Brown, Grey, Amber, Maroon


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