Turnall Fascia Boards

Turnall Fascia is designed to replace the wooden fascia board that is normally put on buildings to protect roof trusses from destructive weather elements. The wooden fascia is normally sacrificed to protect the roof trusses resulting in the need to replace the wooden fascia every two to three years in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of a building. Turnall fascia replaces the wooden fascia and its associated shortcomings. Turnall Fascia will not rot when exposed to destructive weather elements, will not require frequent maintenance activities such as painting or replacement, and will protect the roofing trusses once installed.

Once you use Turnall Fascia Boards you will realize the following benefits;
• Resistant to rot and water damage
• Resistant to termite or other insect attack
• Light, strong and easy to install (DIY)
• Can be painted into any colour
• Strong to support roof gutters (Guttering)
• Purchase, installation and maintenance costs are cheaper than timber
• Long lasting compared to timber
Fascia boards come in the following sizes as 3m or 3.6m lengths
1200x9mm and 1200x4mm

These products have been used by so many individual home developers and some institutions e.g FBC Building Society have used these fascia boards on their housing projects. These fascia boards are readily available at leading building merchants nationwide or one can buy directly from Turnall Factory Shop.

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