Spanish pavers

Spanish pavers are made by a mixture of concrete, coloring pigment which is poured into a mould and allowed to set. The unique process allows for precise manufacturing, resulting in uniformity in both thickness and size. Outside dimensions are exact and their high density manufacturing process results in a perfect finish. Turnall Spanish pavers are suitable mostly outdoor application and high traffic areas. Commercial: Shopping malls, Hotel porte cochere. Pavements, Car showrooms Residential: Driveways, Verandas, Swimming pool surrounds, Entertainment areas, Sidewalk.

Turnall Spanish pavers are available in red, black and grey. Our pavers are durable, long lasting, low maintenance and easy to install. If you are looking for the beauty and quality of pavers at an affordable price, with variety of colors to choose from…..think Turnall Spanish pavers, the total solution for all your paving needs.

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