Turnall Fascia board

There is nothing more annoying than needing to replace rotten fascia boards on your home. A typical wood fascia board requires painting which provides a preventive coating for protection. This layer of paint will begin to fail as it is subjected to varying temperatures, sun exposure, and water. As it fails the wood underneath is no longer guarded against rotting. Over time the water running off the roof will deteriorate the protective layer of paint and destroy the timber fascia on your house. This problem must be addressed very quickly or the water will begin to seep into the timber and walls causing damage. Thankfully there is a solution which eliminates any possibility of decay or damage to the fascia by using Fibre cement fascia. This means that you will not have to climb a ladder to paint it or repair rotten areas. All you have to do is install it and relax while your neighbors constantly repair the fascia on their house.


• Affordable – cheaper than timber.
• Long lasting compared to timber.
• Resistant to rot and water damage.
• Strong to support gutters.
• Resistant to termite or other insect attack.
• Virtually maintenance free (cost effective).
• Light, strong and easy to fix.
• Can be painted into any color.

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